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Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"

ha ha :)

i like it please make more :)

good audio.

Not bad. Audio was off, but good animation

I watched this cause I thought it was porn -.-

PS: ...you bastard


I really liked this flash. I had a few lqim's because of the dry humor.
The animation was good but the lip syncing was medioker, you need to work on that.
So, for the rating for a first episode: Good, it was a nice "meeting" with the main caracter. And i liked the humor in it.

(lqim = laughing quietly in myself) Why? Cuzz i dont lie.


voices are out of sinc, the animation is "mhe" and the story predictable, the character is too bidimensional (storily sapeaking)

Only problem was the muggers voices.

They sucked, were irritating, and hard to understand to the point that i just tuned them out... But I love me an insane girl <3 please make some more episodes Q.Q!