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Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"

You're awesome

I agreed with so many things said in this animation. No i'm not a psycho... :D

well...that was interesting...in a way

well...that...was a bit weird,but I managed to understand a bit of it.Anyway its great and the way they made it was excellent,great job to the creator and the ones who supported him

I'll try that...

I think you have a great idea here... the character and her personality are well done, the voice fits perfect and your history development is very well done, the ep. 0 and ep. 1 are very funny and interesting to watch, the only thing that you need to work is the compression but besides that is amazing and funny .

wow its awesome

i like it alot it would also be cool if you gave her an alter ego and she has rampent fights with it in her dreams or something it would be cool to see and the anime style is great

Can't wait for more

She kinda reminds me of Deadpool. She goes around screwing with peoples heads, then kills them.