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Reviews for "Apple, run for your life!"


The animation was wonderful
The sound was delightful
The storyline was, erm... it wasn't bad :/

But when you threw all 3 of the above together , you made an above average 9/10 and 5/5 cartoon. The sound in this is just amazing. I give you a lot of props for not trying to half-ass your sound like most other things that are frontpaged do. The storyline was, well, you mixed a few thoughts in your head, and at least you were able to develop a plot that held up both the sound and animation well enough. Just the idea of the apple grabbing a knife to kill him, kind of a mediocre thought, but the way you ended it, topped off by the zany animation skills, you pulled off what most animators can't, and for that my good sir, I applaud you. -claps-

It is kinda short, but I understand how hard it is to animate and project a good sound quality, if not even just thinking up a good plot. I believe that the shortness of the flash is just relevant to the atmosphere, or mood of your animation.

But, to set the story straight, 9/10 and 5/5. It beats most of the half-assed shit I've seen on the front page before, and you did a really good job. :D

HolyKonni responds:

Thank you for this heart-warming review!!


I really enjoyed this flash. The animation... well, the direction was great. I loved all the different angles you incorporated. The syncing and sound were spot on and I love the twisted way you animate. Giving it a 9/10 good job!

HolyKonni responds:


apple look like cherry

this is a good movie and very creative with cherries cause theyare red.


Its original, ill give you that
U did a good job on the voice acting and...sorry, im still trying to mentaly digest this, you did good man...

tough apple

that was pretty funny at the end