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Reviews for "Apple, run for your life!"

this is wierd

ummm this is so wierd

not funny at all

im giving my review with this: Humour-0 Quality- 5 Effort- 1. Could of also been longer. its just an apple running around the kitchen and the end was pointless. Sorry im giving this a 4/10.


where's the punch line!! this is funnier!! FALCOONNN!! PUWCH! HAHAHAHAA!!


i couldnt stop laughing at those sounds now ima have to go to work and as i am making my lunch im going to mimic this


this is not funny and is really weird. one of the most pointless things ive ever seen really. but ill give you 3 for effort never get discouraged because of one little fail (tsk now im going to be rated useless just because I spoke the truth)

HolyKonni responds:

all art is pointless