Reviews for "Shop Empire"

Reminds me a bit to...

... SIM TOWER - but just a little.... ;) (Maybe this is even better...)


this game is addictive. too bad I got stuck when I hit "NaN", I could'nt use my cash anymore.. it was in tokio

Insanely Good

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Incredible game play, didn't experience any bugs, addictive, plus after I finished the game I made sure I had a little over 200 visitors on my mall deleted all elevators and fired all cleaning people, it was hilarious to see the decrease in people's moods and also how dirty my mall was. once again, amazing. congratulations.


Fun to Play

Hi everybody!

Hi,i has searched in reviews and i finded the name of the secret medal is ''The president'',i think you earn the medal when your mall popularity is huge,i think when you have huge popularity the president of america will come to your mall.vie

PS.Please don't review it as useless please.