Reviews for "Shop Empire"

Could do with a borrow money thing, i always struggle with these games to get more money lol

good game are there more shops and entertainment and food?

I really love this GAME! âTM¥ One of my Favourite Games now!

One of my favorite tycoon games. I wish you could go back to your other malls and i think there should be more room to build in each city

Definitely a 5. Shop Empire is a must for tycoon sim fans.

Hilarious and entertaining with great design. The goals are self-explanatory and get gradually harder but are nowhere near impossible. The 8x speed button is an awesome idea ; make sure you use it often. You can breeze through the game in a couple hours and achieve everything if you follow the goals and make your visitors happy.

I'd only complain about a few spelling mistakes here and there. More maps would also add to the fun. Many commercial games could learn a lot from this.

Awesome job, guys, and please keep them coming !