Reviews for "Shop Empire"

It was great being able to design the mall and tweak with things. Thank god for being able to speed up the day or I would have never gotten to NY. Wish I could have zoomed out to see the overall design of it.

Got as far as tokyo... Then I had to stop, not because I wanted to; because I could. I had 756,000+ in the bank and when I clicked on ANYTHING it refused to let me buy it, from booths to employees. A day later I had 879,000+ and still couldn't finish tokyo.

Not only that but if you hit the promotion button more then once quickly you loose money but it only upgrades the employee once, you have to wait for them stop flashing.

Ah, back to the drawing board. In Paris, it's easy, but Tokyo is insane. Excuse me, but when 4 promoted security guards cannot stop thieves on the first night, the game is out of proportion. It's strange to make megabucks in Paris and not have any mechanism to take part of the profits to invest elsewhere. Furthermore the programming for the security people makes little sense. They're usually bunched up and spend a lot of time away from the stores. You've programmed the game with a feast or famine mentality. Also, one would not start a mall with so little capital.

It started off as fun and turned into a frustrating nightmare. I'm not that masochistic to play games like that.

in tokyo i can't get my mall to make money. any help?
lovely game.

This is an awesome simulated tycoon game! It deserves a 5.

The design was simple and decent, nothing to complain about. The game was easy yet entertaining. The speed button was real use - full, for i used it at night time so the mall could re - open in the morning. I might have wanted more entertaining rooms with more events to choose from, but either way, the game was great.