Reviews for "Shop Empire"

With 10 security guards on Day 1 I still end up losing like $5000 a day to bandits...

shop empire 1 shop empire 2

I think this game wavers between being too relaxing or far too easy. I enjoyed it because it supplied what I was looking for: a simulator with a lot of fulfillment. However, it went by way too quickly and there wasn't really a risk... I never felt like I was going to actually lose the game. Its really easy to make a lot of money with minimal effort. But, I did enjoy the game and I think it was simple and sweet.

This game is very awesome. I like it so much.

I love games like this! Pretty much obsessed haha. Love your resort one too! I'm worried about my life because I just finished this one and it took me less than a day xD lol. Keep up the greatness :]