Reviews for "Shop Empire"

I love this game! It's so much fun! But I have both one complaint and one question....do you know how hard it was to get 100,000 in profit in Tokyo? Seriously, I ended up building 7 floors with 3 of every booth in order to make that much. And then I ended up sitting in front of my computer for four hours to do so! Sheesh....could you have made it easier? You know, with better hints as to how to increase profit? And as for my question, is that Iron Man on the logo for the toy store? If not, it sure looks like him....

Great game but it can be annoying when I accidentally press the destroy button. Also is there a zoom out button for this game? Nevertheless, it's a fun game.

I rather liked it. Only problem I had was a glitch that prevented me from beating it in my first playthrough. Once I got over 1 million dollars, the game would not let me spend money. It actually kept saying that I didn't have enough.

great game, would be cool to have a sandbox mode.

this game is frickin' sweet! I love it.