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Reviews for "2 Friends Play Minecraft"


lol die sheep die!!!

Holy $&%# ! This was awesome!

You did a fantastic job out there, especially with Betsy dieing! I never playd minecraft myself, but i watched my bro playing it, digging himself deeper and deeper into the depths of ... well ... nowhere 8)(
Next submission (i really hope u make one) gonna go underground ? :D

C ya, and keep up this awesome work!


I wish I could use a sheep for woodcutting, I bet it's better than diamond... D:

lol ummm wtf is up with the hidden rape scene? ( when he gets the wood, click on it when its on the ground)

First of all, this is brilliant. Please make more vids like his ^^
Second, congratulations. This is the first flash Ive seen in a looooooong time thats made me feel sorry for a sheep. Have a cookie (^_^)