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Reviews for "2 Friends Play Minecraft"


I started crackin up when he started smashing betsy against the tree i just couldnt stop laughing and when he was talking to betsy and she just spit out blood i started laughing again GOOD FLASH MATE.......GREAT FLASH no no PERFECT FLASH but i do agree with davithetankman u should seriously make a series i think it would be a great hit


But you can definitely make more than a BED!
I like how there different characters have different animation types XD

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

True that - pistons now!


Oh betsy! Remember the fun we had?! Well its only been 2 minutes but still. XD!! funny animation u got there man! ^^

The Ultimate Tool

Code name
B elting
E nraged
T ool of
S ingle
Y use

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

I like it, it may become yuseful.


Would you play minecraft with me? If so, i would need the name of the server, when i try, the thing says there are no servers available, thanks!