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Reviews for "2 Friends Play Minecraft"

oh betsy,

lmaoo this was greatt. i really want to play minecraft now!

Heres a good perspective.

think about the first mario game made. now imagine what bit it is. that bit was common back then, and games were popular, despite the graphics. minecraft just brings back the past, wouldn't you say?


i like the idea of minecraft, but i just think that the graphics are just too horrible to play with.

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

Don't let graphics make a decision for you on a game. It's all about the gameplay after all. You'll miss out on a lot of gaming classics thinking like that!


Make moore AND LONGER!
I want to see how they build a house!

the weird thing is that i got minecraft yesterday

i loved this i could not stop laughing
poor betsy though
and one more thing they should have been attacked by a wolf