Reviews for "Alight"

Absolutely beautiful!

You and your students should be proud of this, as it was definitely an amazing piece of work. While there was little story provided (who were these 2 characters? Why a giant castle? And who was the guy at the end?), I could forgive that because it enthralled me, making me want to see more. The fluid animation, and also the style of the artwork reminded me of something that would feel right at home in Disney's "Fantasia".

Seriously, awesome work!


I loved the story and animation. One thing that I wanted to point out that I particularly liked was how the fore moved quickly and somewhat unpredictably, like how fire should move. The same goes with the water, smooth and fluid.


And cut a lot **-**



I have seen loads of Flash animations, this is the best I've seen. Great job!


This is So Genius it blows my mind