Reviews for "Alight"


That was probably the best piece of animation I've ever seen on this site. The Art direction was beautiful and worked perfectly, the animation was so smooth and fluid, and the story was great. I feel that the movie being silent except for the music added a lot too. The fact that the piece could cause such an emotional impact after only a few minutes shows that you must be doing something right. Once again, great concept, great animation, and great work! I would love to see more stuff of that caliber on this website.


wow, so nice animation!


It can easily be seen that you and your team have put in a great deal of hard work into this animation. Excellent animation and food for thought plot. Great job!

really good quality

awesome quality
A bit too good to be true on Newgrounds


I'm usually not into artistic animations

But this one was really good. I think the music really made this flash for me.