Reviews for "Alight"

I still get chills from watching this, simply amazing.

Stunning, just stunning.

Truly beautiful in every way.

que esta animacion sirva de ejemplo a los que lo entendieron

This video was beautiful, truly exceptional. I disagree that fire is the destruction of life, but believe that fire is the creation of new life from destruction. Yes it is dangerous, but new life does come out of it, like the rebirth of a forest after a terrible blaze. When fire meets water, steam (a type of air) is made; when lava meets water new earth is created.
But to the meaning: Here we see that in the beginning was life born and consisting of only nature. Machinery and technology tried to kill nature and take its place in life, But technology can not replace nature and results in the destruction of both of them along with life. Man has both the potential and the ability to create technology deep inside us, but we would be only skeletons without nature. Nature gives us warmth in our bodies and minds and fluidness in our movements, things that cold machines can never truly provide. We are the sons and daughters of nature, and our quest for technological perfection may very well destroy us unless we learn to balance the two.
At least, that was my interpretation. :)