Reviews for "Alight"


Why did they merge in the Android?


my eyes came


i cant really think of a word to describe it

cant stop watching...

i watched this like 20 times already today in a row

Explosions! Yay!

Guys i think the fire boy did all that to the monster because he barely got to know the water girl, and that because of that hand-hand/water-fire reaction he thought that they were meant to be together, so stop and think about it. I will miss both, but it seemed like they both died to turn the monster good, into human kind. This is a great story, even though its short. You should make this a series, starting with this as a prequel or a beginning story. The music fits the story very well. Can you make a sequel/ep2 if series where fire boy and water girl come back to earth at human time, but mixed together, using fire boy's shape and attitude in the name of steam boy? If you are using this idea please give credit. This is very well appreciated. Keep it real! -Rates 10/10- -Rates 5/5-