Reviews for "Alight"

Pretty good. This movie reeks of polish, you laid it on so thick. The masking over the fire is just one of the ways that you smoothed this over repeatedly. The music is well-chosen and the animation is smooth and done well, too. The characters are cute, but I feel like this definitely would have been better with sound effects. I also feel like the whole romance thing was rather abstract and pointless, as was the ending. But what really bothered me was that you barely animated the water character at all. The movie opens up with her, but she leaves fairly quickly and never returns. One last complaint is that when the castle started flying in, I feel like the animation went from being artistic to just plain showy. It took away from the final product.

Other than that I really like this. It's just too bad it's so short.

My contemplation:

Aquanna represented nature - beauty, fragility. Sparker represented the Sun - energy, force.

They were always counterparts, since the beginning of time; until the intervention of human civilisation. Nature was destined to perish under the tyranny of the humans, and is literally crushed in the end. Now that the balance is unequal, the devastated Sparker -- UV rays that penetrate the now barely shielded ozone of our world -- manifests into a fit of fury; the humans are consumed in their own demise, resulted from their actions.

With the destruction of civilisation, all is purged as Aquanna's alternate form cleanses the lands, taming the fearsome and fiery flames, re-creating life once again.

Endearing art, matching background music, heartfelt storyline.

Simply beautiful.

i think i get it.
water is calm, thoughtful, and caring, but can't protect itself.
fire is powerful, passionate, and courageous, but cant live without help.
metal is focused, determined, and advancing every day, but lacks life.
but put it together and you create a being that is all these things and more. emotionally and physically.

well done.

The fire is fiery the water is watery; the animation does a good job of showing how they're formed from their respective elements.

I agree with the review below me.
Does this have a deeper meaning or something? Either way, I don't care, it was amazing to watch.