Reviews for "SOS's Sonic Adventure 2"

So that's how Rouge found him!

Poor general, never catches a break! And of course, incompetent villains and a Pete!

Welcome back

Personaly I'd say Sonci Adventure was the first Sonic game with a great plot.

Other than that fantastic parody, oh man I misss watching these.
Love the running gag with...the Commander's family in their car and the military destroying the city just to get at Tails.


I've always been a huge HUGE SA2 fan, ever since the game came out. It's been one of my all time favorite games too. But I've pretty much never seen a parody of it! There are parodies of all my other favorite games, but none of this one as far as I know.
Thanks a lot for remembering this classic game, and parodying it, this really made my day! <3
Also the jokes were right on target. If you're a fan of SA2 you'll go OH MAN, SO TRUE!!!
I just wish it was longer. xP


this is an awesome paradoy of sonic adventure 2


I was on a public computer and had to keep my many laughs down. Like when Sonic said the snowboard destroyed san fran and when tails was worth 10 bucks yet they took 500,000,000 in damage. Or at the end when the family settled for the zoo and shadow landed on them. That you can watch again.