Reviews for "SOS's Sonic Adventure 2"

Hilarious SA2 parody. Great work!

so true

I have this game. you successfully condensed hours of gameplay into 2 minutes while keepign it completely accurate. EPIC JOB

You could do better

What I just typed


Its very nice to see something from you guys again! I love your work! You point out the many "well, WTF" moments greatly. Like how did the people feel whenever Tails or Sonic hit them at a high velocity and sent their car flying? Your drawings are still amazing but you do need to work on the lip syncing a bit. Other then that, please release some more Sonic Parodies! :D

I'm sorry. You get a 2 for effort.

You both don't really put a lot of effort into what you create, do you?

The fact that you both just got this out and ready for SoS kind of baffles me. With both of your work it is always just this poor quality taste and humor really. It seems like you write these scripts up on the fly honestly. In fact it's even worse than the first Sonic Adventure 2 Parody because you focus more on one or two parts of the story comple-- SUDDENLY WE'RE ON THE SPACE COLONY. This is the same thing you do with everything by the way, where you seem to have a collection of your graphics bundled up in a folder that was probably made back in 2007 or 8'.

I remember when I was at a much younger age finding these kind of things hysterical. Before I had a real grasp on the concept of what everyone was doing with tweens and Flash, now at this point it's just effortless to say the least, because you use it for everything. Comic Sans, really? This video honestly feels like you guys just made this sometime years back, dug it up unexpectedly, and decided to add the introduction with you both to make it special for SoS 11'. I'm most likely wrong, but the quality of everything really does not meet the standards for this day and age.

The voice acting you have in here suffers with terrible voice direction; it's either "wacky" and "zany" or "deep" and "rough" with an obvious voice modifier in the mix. It's sad really that even the music is slapped in without any real transition or sync.

There really isn't anything I can say besides this. Animations should be done and planned out, especially if you are doing this for something big like SoS. This is amateur at best and it will always be at this rate.