Reviews for "Snailiad"


I didn't really know Flixel could do this. This game is so awesome, we're probably going to be talking about it a few years from now in the same breath as Cave Story and Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. Even with the familiar Metroid elements, it's unique enough to stand on its own; all the game mechanics work perfectly, the writing is fun, the boss battles look scary but aren't over challenging, and best of all there are tons of things to discover. The music in the ????? world was good enough to make me stay there a while, even though it's practically a void. There is just so much here.

Thank you, stranger.


This essentially captured the platforming games of yore. The music is reminiscent to various NES titles some of which I can pick up are Mega Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II the Arcade Game, and more. The gameplay pays homage to famous adventures such as Castlevania/Metroid. I for one am amazed to the amount of content in such a small package. Outstanding job. Hope to hear more snaily adventures from you ^_^

Great, but sometimes confusing...

I love this game, but the shell upgrade doesn't stop damage when i hide and the devastator doesn't seem to do anything. Other than those two things though, I can't find any problems with this game. Hope to see more games or flashes of this quality from you!

I'm lost

I can't seem to find a way to continue after finding the pea shooter. A snail told me to go to the upper right corner of the map, but when I got there, there is another dead end. How am I supposed to continue?

auriplane responds:

My latest newspost has a map and a video walkthrough--if you get stuck you can check them out :-)

This was the cutest game ever! But I have a question about the music. In the Mare Carelia place, the music there, it's very similar to the music of an old game for the Amiga 500 called "Rock 'n Roll". Is this song inspired by that theme by any chance? If you don't know, care to ask your musician for me? :)

auriplane responds:

My musician is me! :-D And no, I've never played that game. I grew up with a C64, but I never got an Amiga, I'm afraid. But thanks!