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Reviews for "Snailiad"


This game is classified "A" for "AWESOME"!!

Metroid style games are great, but you'll find them everywhere. Your addition of the unique wall climbing mechanic is quite fantastic, and makes for a whole new experience. Undoubtedly many other Metroid style platformer fans have often wished "If only I could climb that wall!", and you have granted them that wish.

Great game chap! I played on EASY cuz it's my uni extrav and i'm fuuuucked :p (well done on including difficulty levels too, for people who just wanna explore and not be bothered with survival tactics - like me!) :D 10/10 (graphics and sound are top nothc too)

I like this game

Silly charcters, funny bosses, action, secrets,

What else can you ask for!! :D


can SOMEBODY please PM me on how to zoom the screen out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Game

Like most people here, the gravity was a tad difficult to use. Nevertheless, I found it to be a great feature.

Completing the game 100% was a tad difficult, and I enjoyed the secret rooms, the secret rooms in secret rooms, and the rooms so secret they weren't even on the map.

Great job with the power ups, mediocre story line, and a diverse collection of enemies and NPCs.

I can't say that I'm wanting a Snailiad 2, as while this was fun, it would be hard to improve on something like this. However, I would like to see more games of this quality from you. You're very good at it.

Awesome game

Amazing, great game all a round, just one question what is the difference between slug and snail mode other than the appearance