Reviews for "Snailiad"

I liked having the hidden shortcuts, a special mode, boss rush, and it being non-linear, this gave people a reason to play after beating the game. I really liked speed-running it. Overall, it's a masterpiece with a cute storyline.


I've never seen another flash game this good. Its super fun, and the idea is awesome. The only bad thing is music I think. Musics gave me headache. This was amazing. Keep up the good job!

Awsome game. I just love that 8 bit retro gameplay throughout the game. The only thing I didn´¨t like was the concept. Still, I love this!

Love the 8 bit feeling, not bad! I like this game!

Darn... If I just had 5 minutes more, I could totally do that speedrun! Either way, I have no complaints about this game. Only problem was of course, the length. :P Not as bad as FF6 though. Never knew Flixel was capable of this. Looking forward to a sequel!