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Reviews for "Snailiad"

Not 8-bit

The game is not 8-bit its 16-bit. Its also a lot like metroid and i find it extreemly awesome. 10/10 100/100 9999/9999

My god...

did I just spend 5 hours on this game!

Excellent execution. Music was perfect, secret passageways were perfect, hell the dialogue was perfect!

I love how it starts off as just some snail on his own, and near the end you become a powerhouse of ungodly poportions.

Brilliant flash! I look forward to your next submission.


You know, I was a little leery of this at first. I wasn't sure how the whole snail thing would play out.

But, I played a bit, and I really like this game! :3 I love all the different colors of snails, I love the bright colors, I love the music, and I love how even though this is a new game, it has this great feeling of nostalgia for me. It reminds me of the good ol' days when I'd sit down with my siblings and cousins and play a couple rounds of Super Mario Brothers. You know, good, clean fun!

auriplane responds:

Yay! Thank you :-D


This game reminds me of Smart Ball for the SNES

auriplane responds:

I've played most of the games people have mentioned in the reviews, but I haven't played this one. I'll have to check it out! :-)


LOL, i played the game out of order, so i couldnt get to some parts of the game, i defeated the third boss, the space boss without going into his territory or getting the gun. sweet