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Reviews for "Snailiad"

the perfect childhood browser game
was my fav web game
and will still be forever
(edit : i won normal mode , now lets go slug mode D:
edit x2 : done :3 {tip for last giga snail phase : always time and plan}and it took lass time then normal mode xD
edit x3 : i got the speedrun badge)


Metroid + snails = AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

This game is NOSTALGIC, i seriously fell out of my floor when i played it, because it was my first ever game that i played IN MY LIFE, I wanted to thank the creators of snailiad for changingmy life dramatically, for better or for worse

I love the game, but it wont save. I go through all the save points I see but when i come back the next day, all I see is new game.