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Reviews for "Snailiad"

Another masterpiece in Newgrounds.

Simply fantastic. Brilliant. I love the Metroid style games.


Very exciting game ..! **
But hell, I'm stuck on space box .. help. 6 lives and this box will still kill a snail! :%u043E


Just can't... Stop! Best NG game i ever played.
For the ones having thouble in finding the difficult medals...
>EXPLORER: Look very well for places. there are a lot hidden. Search everywhere.
>HOMELESS: Need to Beat Slug Mode. Slug mode is unlocked after beating the game, aaaaaand you'll need to start a New game. So, New game > Slug Mode and Beat it. Slug Mode is like a hard mode of the Game - 2x damage, but you're faster and have high jump (i laughted: JUSTIN SNAILY!)
>THE GAUNTLET: Simple. Just survive. And no, SPEEDRUNNER is not for this mode. See in the next medal.
>SPEEDRUNNER: Notably the hardest medal of all. Need to beat the game within 30 minutes. in other words, you'll need to beat Moon Snail within 30 minutes. To do it, you'll need:
1) Slug Mode - Speed. That is the main. High Jump will allow you to find things earlier.
2) Avoid getting hurt.
3) Get as much Hearts as possible, but don't go back to get them.
4) After getting the Gravity Snail, rush, dash... you'll need each second as possible.
5) Don't die in the Magic Box (The boss whom spawns boxes).
6) Don't worry about Helix Fragments - JUST RUN!

If you follow this, you'll have around 10 minutes to beat Moon Snail. If you have some practice, you'll be able to beat in 5 minutes (both forms).
I got this medal in a time of around 23 minutes.
Good luck!

how to get homeless?

i want to know how to get homeless can somebody tell me that please?


"Snaily, it's dangerous to go alone! Take this..." Is that perhaps a Legend of Zelda reference?