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Reviews for "Snailiad"

I wonderful and creative call back to a classic era of gaming. It's been some years since I played this game. Got back on today and decided it deserves a fair response after all this time. How else is a guy to get his Metroid fix?


where powerups are like SUPER powerups

Over the course of several years I've sometimes had a craving to play through this gem again. By now I've memorized all the collectibles needed for 100% completion and can beat the game under 30 minutes. This is simply my favorite flash game.
Great chiptune music, wall crawling was a really fun addition to the metroidvania concept, really cute, contains the shortcuts a metroidvania game is expected to have, plenty of stuff is optional, when you come back to cleared areas with stronger weapons you'll find you can raze more of the terrain, boss rush exists, NPC dialog is fine and the references to other things in game culture aren't excessive, Snailiad is fantastic.

proof that you don't need mazing art skills to make an amazing game