Reviews for "Snailiad"

Good game, however, Moon Snail is a bit too hard. Also, I like this game because of its Metroid and Cuphead aesthetics. Great game, man!

I love this game and have been playing it on and off since High School. I love the sheer level of creativity it has.
And what a marvelous map to explore! Featuring landscapes such as Forest Town, Underwater, Space, Acid Trip, Hell, and others, I encourage anybody and everybody to play this game and I've shared it with others many times.
In all seriousness, this game is amazing and it deserves a lot more notoriety than it gets.

I fondly remember this being one of my top few flash games to play when I was younger. The OST feels like something straight out of Mother 1, and I completely dig it.
My only complaint is the game being rather short. If there was to be a sequel or remake to this game, I guarantee I would pay for it on steam.

the perfect childhood browser game
was my fav web game
and will still be forever
(edit : i won normal mode , now lets go slug mode D:
edit x2 : done :3 {tip for last giga snail phase : always time and plan}and it took lass time then normal mode xD
edit x3 : i got the speedrun badge)