Reviews for "Snailiad"

Quite nice!

Snails. What else to expect from you XD. It didn't seem that intresting at first, but after playing for a while, it seemed that I was wrong. Cute and addicting, I like it!

Artwork: Not the best, maybe a bit more pixelly details here and there, but overall good enough.
Animation: Smooth as far as I can see. No problems to be found here.
Gameplay: Intresting concept. The main genre isn't that special, but with all the snail abilities, it was quite original and fun.
Music: Fitting for the pixel-style art, and even more fitting for the story.

Everything together should pack a nice 9 for this game. Splendid job!

Great game!

This game is amazing!
It feels like a real NES game,
Great job!


A snails full game! cant belive the amaizing a snail can be. they climb and get weapons and jump, and the medals... the sweet medals...

I enjoyed it!

I mean its not overly complicated but the wall clinging gameplay was amusing, and I love the look. I give you.... 9!


I like it :D