Reviews for "Recycle!!"


Amazing how you made it so short that we don't get bored of it.
Animation and art style was nice and kiddish, about 99.999% sure you'll win. Clicked the link, if it helps.
PS Bonus for the singing duck!!!

Movie rocks!!!!

I love recycling!! Don't you?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lalo responds:


the duck.

The duck had a wonderful singing voice,sort of.The duck was so funny I was wondering if any of the other animals would explode.That doesn't happen.But the bear did look like he could blow any second.This video has inspired me,and hopefully it did the same to everybody else.=D

Lalo responds:

awesome, Im glad!

some people...

just read that Stevenscottddballz comment and all i can is come on!! Your being a bit too sensitive there! ha but hey great animation and message ive been trying to what i can to help the earth lately but also not look like too much of a hippy in front my friends. Maybe messages like these will change their ideas and i wont be a loner ha :D

The Bear?

Is it a part Grizzly Part Polar bear? Whatever it is, IT BE JAMMIN'