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Reviews for "The Animating Process"

Yah, this is true

This is how everyone animates

Imacow responds:



It's a flash loop! But it actually makes sense given the context of it! Great job! Also, I love the choice of music. I'm gonna go add it to my favorites.

Imacow responds:

Why thank you.

thats funny.

thats hilarious, oh and btw is it just a coincidence you have the same name as one of my dads guildies on WoW?

Imacow responds:

Hmm, must be. My wow name was different than my NG name.

Great information

That's how you do it... Ooooo. I was doing it wrong.. Im gna start doing this...once the house is empty...

Imacow responds:

Yup, it's the correct technique.

I empathize

I have often found that when I get an idea for music, I'll take down the melody, stare at it, save it, come back to it a week later and finish it. Seems to be a common problem.

I like the simplistic style of the animation. Kind of cartoon-y, sets it up for a humorous mood. You could maybe have it end instead of looping, I watched it up until the second time the fridge showed up before I realized it had looped.

Good, funny flash. Made me laugh.

M3 of the Review Request Club

Imacow responds:

Thanks for the review