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Reviews for "The Animating Process"

Writer's block

I guess sometimes in animating in making a flash or game it can feel that way as you spend several minutes to hours trying think of a plot for a brand new idea for a flash. then it tends to hit you when you least expect it and you get the motivation to work on a new flash project.

The animation seems a bit cheesy but I think that is how come it also turned out quite nicely as well since it seemed to be mocking the way flash looks a bit too which I found humorous. The last humorous part of this flash is it is an endless loop meaning the cow will have that one Mountain Dew forever.

I think the choice in music here was nice. Kind of made me think of some old Peanut cartoons as well. Nice choice in music.

Not too much of a storyline here aside from the author simply trying to think of something for a new flash is all.

Overall, nice loop, funny.

Review Request Club

Imacow responds:

Thanks for the review, sir.

thats funny.

thats hilarious, oh and btw is it just a coincidence you have the same name as one of my dads guildies on WoW?

Imacow responds:

Hmm, must be. My wow name was different than my NG name.

Great information

That's how you do it... Ooooo. I was doing it wrong.. Im gna start doing this...once the house is empty...

Imacow responds:

Yup, it's the correct technique.

Ah, writer's block

Quite a subtle expose on how it affects all artists from time to time (all of the time for you, perhaps?) which can get us down. I appreciate that as much as the next man, particularly as I suffer from that myself from time to time.

The one question I must ask is what was the significance of the mooing when the cow just sat there apparently doing nothing? If he's doing what I think he's doing, you need to be more animate in you portrayal :P

Your animation style looks different - are you working with different techniques, or drawing styles? I prefer this look, as it looks as though you've put more effort into the piece overall - without that, it would just look like it needed a little something else, just to push it over the top. With this "raw" style, the viewer is likely to be more tolerant of what you're conveying and ultimately less likely to pick out major faults. While the walk looked like it wasn't all that detailed, it still came across as a decent animation, while simple and well worked.

Obviously, I hope it's not going to be 2 years before we see your next piece, so keep it up and give us something more to admire.

[Review Request Club]

Imacow responds:

Thanks for the review. Hah, lets hope not :P

Oh yeah, the mooing was supposed to be cow porn, guess I should of portrayed that better.


It's a flash loop! But it actually makes sense given the context of it! Great job! Also, I love the choice of music. I'm gonna go add it to my favorites.

Imacow responds:

Why thank you.