Reviews for "Being cheerful is easy!"


I really enjoyed this. Great movement, great music choice, great idea. The simplicity of the piece really makes it enjoyable to watch. That being said... Im going to go masturbate to this now okay?

well made

as soon as the music started, i was like, "i know this from somewhere..." then the singing started," OH! it's the song from the 1st spongebob episode!". really like seeing that song in there. nice flash and idea, but the animation was a bit choppy.

fun it is

I stared at this for a little bit as it played and the non-word VEN danced on the screen. Then suddenly, when whitey ducked around the table, I realized this is pretty well done. Although, I find silent film subtitles appalling (Id prefer a dancing text bubble or voices) this is still fun and well put together.

crazytree responds:

Yea.. You have a point, VEN is just too out of place. Thats SUPPOSED to be his name but... that's still a bad place for a name. It takes simple peer review for the most obvious mistake to be caught lol

Pretty cool

Animation is pretty cool, especially with the all old timey effects. Having said that, it is batshit insane :P (which I suppose makes it just as awesome)

Old but cute

Really miss so of the cartoon I grow up with. nice reminder. Do more