Reviews for "Being cheerful is easy!"


Made me laugh when he trashed the place then threw Antiven whilst he was still sitting down.

Made me smile

Good animation and wonderful humor made it! I liked your style.
Very positive and bright flash!

Hilarious throwing.

You know, these silent movies make me wonder about the sound. Obviously they are NOT silent, and if they can fit in music, why not dialogue?

Personally, if I was mutated to the point that both my eyes resided on one side of my head, and my mouth was all spiky... I could never be happy.

I love it when the song starts and he throws things around.

Much improvement!

I see how you went on a three year break, since your last installments. I am very much impressed as to the quality of your animation skills have improved. although I'm going to miss watching those acid trip clips

very good

i loved pretty much every bit of it and laughed, but you could barely here Ven singing when it came to the part, I put my head phones and laptop to max volume but i still couldn't here him, however it was probably on purpose so no points taken away.