Reviews for "Being cheerful is easy!"


I want to say that i really loved the flash u just did.

Good points:
The style, the ''oldish'' style, like charlie chaplin, that you gave to this flash was perfectly assembled.
You give us a good message with a great and short story wich is nice especialy with the little punch at the end, you totally get that being cheerfull is easy xD

''Bad'' point:
Its not really bad, I didnt really penalized you but its the quality, the graphics. When you compare this flahs with others, you see that the graphics are ''okay'' . However, it was fluid wich i liked, im sure you will level up with practice and i hope to see more of your stuff :P

this has made me happy

there is nothing better then being happy

Get infected

with the happy face virus today

:D <--

It makes people happy, and that's the greatest accomplishment.

Those who aren't happy, are either sadists or sore losers, we all need to take a lighter tone on life.