Reviews for "Being cheerful is easy!"


Did... did I see caramel dancing and the pbj dance?? .... LOVE...

No wonder he's so pissed off....

People like that guy are punching and throwing him all the time! XD


Damn these racist old movies using black face

tooooo epic

i would have to say you should make short flashes of those characters in that style its way to epic to leave it at that, it would be rather cool and funny to see if you could create a story behind those characters, mix it have fun or in shorter terms living in the sunlight XD

Brings a good feeling of nostalgia!

With the way you animated it, and with using such an old song (even with it sped up) was a nice throwback to the old days..... And I wasn't even BORN yet!

xcheat; It's because it's a song from the same age as the music that fallout used