Reviews for "The Place of a Skull"

so happy with this. looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Phonometrologist responds:

Yes! To the future.
Your scratching and your overall performance really enhanced this.

I don't really come to the Audio Portal like I do with the Game, Movie, and Art Portal. Love this music.

Phonometrologist responds:

Well I'm glad you stumbled over here and upon this. Depending on what you liked about this, I could lead you in the direction of some great music here in the portal. Like in most places, you have to go digging for some quality stuff, but it certainly isn't lacking here either.

This is not really a review. I just wanted to tell you that this is quite astounding. I love it!

Good job ;)

Phonometrologist responds:

I'm grateful that you decided to tell me this. I'm very surprised by the amount of feedback I've gotten on it to be honest. It's all new to me :)

Cool track! Very vanguard. I hope your courage to create such a extreme detailed, complex and extreme piece will be rewarded.

Great use of orchestral effects and very nice dark soundscapes. the lastpart after 6:00 reminds me a lot of a mix of pink floid, zimmer (man of steel) and vangelis (bladerunner). The rhythmic use of the piano to underline the strings was a very good decision - simple but effective.

Next to jacobs and peters submission this is the second track i would recommend to win 1st place. Both pieces were very strong, unique, brave and in my oppinion same strong.

Hope you judge guys reward some bravery - thats something what we needed more on this portal. I also think Phonometrologist would deserve more attention. This man should be helped! Not to finally find him in the top 3 with THIS piece would make me sad...

5/5 and fav good sir!

Phonometrologist responds:

Whatever the results may be, I have to say that your generous comments has already made this worthwhile, and if it doesn't even reach another set of ears it is not all for naught because of you. I'm really flattered and I'm not sure what to say except that this is the kindest review I've gotten thus far here at NG.
Personally, I can't say that this approach was courageous, because I thought at least I would get some reviews on a piece that I thought most people wouldn't enjoy as far as how the beginning goes. Good way to take an opportunity to be myself and experiment when you know someone will be weighing in their thoughts on it.
I find it really interesting that the six minute mark reminded you a little bit of Pink Floyd. I wouldn't have guessed that, but perhaps that it is only natural since I've listened to a lot of their music from an early age and still do enjoy them.
Thank you SoundChris, and I'm looking forward to hearing more great music from you.

The opening is interesting. Holy crap....this is terrifying. Sounds like someone is about to die.....yep I died. Thanks! Well, now with my ghostly figure reviewing this song, I'll say this. I like how this tells a story.

I feel that part to the end is really repetitive in a few parts, but overall, this was a very interesting piece. Good job. Beautiful. I feel like it took a bit long to build up, but other than that, awesome. Great job.

Phonometrologist responds:

I have to thank you for this contest, and the deadline really pushed me in writing such a piece since I like to procrastinate and have gigs coming up to prepare for. "Sounds like someone is about to die," are my thoughts exactly.
I might have to quote you on that so I can say for future reference that my music can kill judges.
And it's repetitive like in each heartbeat within? I agree.
Seriously, I appreciate all you have done for this and your time here listening and reviewing it.