Reviews for "Bushkiller"


saw this on sanity not included and it still doesn't get old

That wasa pretty cool.

What would be cooler? If you could actually get a real life Link to cut your grass, not pay him and say that he can keep whatever he finds. Poor Link only ever finds bugs though. At least he can sell those.


That song is gonna be stuck in my head all day, really good for your first animation to the portal. Hope to see more voice and animation from you Bryson!

baugusbryson responds:

after working with the song for 6 Months, you can imagine stuck in my head this gets xD


This is actually pretty good for it being your first submission.
The animation itself was pretty decent, and i really liked the music that went along with it. Overall good job.


Creepy,in a good way. And i want this song on my ipod xD