Reviews for "Bushkiller"

That was GREAT!!!

It was very silly yet epic at the same time. Very cool there, excellent job.

If only

I wish that this awesome song had been picked up by someone with some real animation experience... This was a good project piece with a few great moments, but overall was simple, and sort of bad animation. This concept has a lot of LOL potential, but i wasn't able to choke out more than a chuckle.

This is soooo STUPID, it´s only for retards...

...that´s why I like it that much. (8 is only for the bad animation)



let me be honest - you drawing is kinda weird and some animations are not smooth BUT you did some nice ideas in there , like when the link does the , may i say sword tornado , or when there is shadow in his face which kinda describes " bushkiller " ( more like assassin in that moment ) naaah you get the point ( yes my English is weird ) ... a while ago i saw Employee of The month ... i wonder - did you even wrote the scprit for it ? if i may give you a tip i think you should try some easier character animations , i mean something in Madness Combat style ( i am not telling you to copy it though , just some basicly drawn characters) ... blah blah , dunno what else should say i than i love Bushkiller song and i listen to it everyday ( yes i really do ) because i'd love to sing like Druox ... ok i shut up now , heh .

Fucking Hilarious