Reviews for "Bushkiller"


nice job

only link

only link can make cutting a bush and pushing a block look FUCKING AMAZINGLY EPAWK!!!!

Yes and No

MANY many things came through my mind when I watched this. Overall, I do love the music. The voice acting (If I recall) is done okayish, if not, mildly annoying to hear. It's just that part feels like it shouldn't be in this. Though, it didn't bother me too much.

Okay! From what I read... you said this is your first submission to flash portal that you animated... It could me one of two things: 1 You have animated in the past, but haven't posted it on Newgrounds and/or around the internet. Or 2: This is your first animation attempted that you finished.

Okay, kudos to you for your animation. I do like some of the parts of the animation. It consists of many jokes that consists on the song. Now the dirt part is that it feels like it was animated quite similar to old submissions on DeviantArt of Scott Falco. So I know what's it like and it is quite okay in my opinion. But overall, it feels more choppy at the finest on some animations.

I also had the issue of the eye animation too. That needs fixing as well in my book. I'm not animator, and I'm no artist. That animation is actually quite sub-par of your work. Just a little off in realism. It felt too unrealistic. Keeping it's shape and making it shake, instead of making it look like his whole eye look like it's doing some sort of jello effect and that's not good.

Overall, it's satisfying enough just to listen, instead of watch and listen. For your first time (In my book) I am giving a score of 6 of 10. Only cause it could be improved a lot in animation status. But the singing voice does feel a little annoying like me making obvious bad puns... And THAT IS NOT GOOD! Bad Juju there. Maybe tone down the high notes of several parts when they shout 'bushkiller'. (That is why I hate acting class... I know too much there...) Heck, I still like the music, it's just maybe several octives change upon high notes. That has potential as well.

Really for both of you, you two have potential. Loved the music. Voice gets a little irritated, but still enjoyable. The flash is okay. In the past, the animation would feel more liked and feel more awesome, but it's still blah.

Still. It gives a Scmeh of 6/10. While it's not great and needs work, it isn't the worst. It's at least more than fifty percent. Bryson can really do good upon practicing animation some more. DruoxtheShredder has great music, but could work on their pitches a little more. So yeah. It's there. It had comedy. Heck, I wouldn't mind watching it for chuckles. It's just something I probably won't hold on to, but can be revamped. My vote on this is a reasonable 3 out of 5 for me. Again, better than 50%.

I guess it isn't quite a 'killer' choice! *zing!* ... *gets brick'd*

Really good i shall show my friend <3

My friends are big fans and i think will get a laugh out of this, Loved the song and animation funny stuff :)

Epic Speed Metal

Dude, love it so much I wanna cry haha.