Reviews for "The Code Master"

Great Game

Very good idea to use programming at fights! Well done!

at the clown

use the if statement at all attack slots except the last 1

esse jogo tem aver com inteligencia!!!

I don't know how to beat the clown,but i still play the game for March to May -_-,first stuck with the first guy,but now stuck with the clown.And how the heck we know what the fuck is going to do the defend >_<.Seriosly i do love this game and i hate this game.See see the walkthrough but iit jjuust show a bllack screen!So.... I can't do this! This game is to damn hard! Piss Forever!
I think if i the code master i will kill the clown with a nuke.
And its a honr to play this game.

-Pissed John Sierra-

got all medals