Reviews for "The Code Master"

Cool but..

Great start, but it definitely needs more development. I love the basic concept, but it can be worked out waaay further. It could become a great game if you put some extra time and thought in it. The idea of having to programme the attacks of your character yourself is awesome. Maybe there are ways to make it more complicated. And to be honest, it gets a bit boring with the same features every time, also the features are slow.

53xy83457 responds:

Sounds like you didn't get to the last two opponents. More complicated moves come into play here.

could have been better

wayy to easy, it would have been better to have typed the code instead of just selecting a bunch of premade attacks/blocks. It was way to easy because all you had to do was look at the opponents code and just make the perfect combo.

Liked the concept, but could have been better

53xy83457 responds:

It gets a bit more complicated than all that on the last few opponents when the special "statement" moves come into play.

Great Game

Very good idea to use programming at fights! Well done!