Reviews for "The Code Master"

at the clown

use the if statement at all attack slots except the last 1

Yeah, right!

Nice test.
Now, I'm waiting to "de-code" Jesus...

Whatever else you did this for, I like the "light-bot"- idea in this and it's great.
I'd like to have some challenge there. Can you combine the DRAW and the CODE? ;)

Its hard in the last level but fun.

It is very fun but in the end it is hard because i cant figure it out how to kill with while.


so tery bad


It Was Good...This Game Would Have Been Hard If I Hadn't Knew Scripting Already...I Just Had To Translate Your Codes Correctly And Pass Levels...Not Too Hard.This Teaches The Basic Scripting Language Broken Down Into A Flash Game...I Think That You Should Add A Time Limit, A Character That Represents You (A HARD Version Of You), And A Rare Secret Medal That Is NEARLY Impossible To Get...Well That's All I Have TO Say, Ciao!