Reviews for "The Code Master"

this game is good to play

this game nothin but bull shit

The clown is being derp, and it's a bit short...

Playing against rebel I used ALL kinds of defence and nothing worked, refreshed the page and killed him first time, then the "IF" with the clown didn't work either I set all commands to "If slice, dodge" and got killed by a slice 3 times in a row. Sorry dude but the game doesn't work too well in my opinion. Nonetheless it's a good effort and when it worked properly I thought it was alright so 2.5 stars from me

53xy83457 responds:

I'd usually suggest you not rob yourself of the feeling of accomplishment attained by completing a challenging game without help by checking the walkthrough but... yeah, check the walkthrough. Proves that the damned thing isn't broken... well, isn't THAT broken anyway.

Nice job on the controls and everything but the speed and there couldave bin blood.