Reviews for "The Code Master"

I would have given you 2/10, but giving this one star out of five looks so much meaner, so I'll bump this up to a 1.5. This game has a good concept, but doesn't deliver at all. The main issue is the animation, which is just too damned slow. While I can tell the animation is coded to show each part for each segment, you still could have animated it faster to make it more 'fun' looking, AND so players don't have to wait so long before seeing whether they beat a level or not.

Other than the animation, the other thing that bothered me was the simplicity of the game. It would have been cool if enemies' attacks got a lot more complex, for instance taking a sequence of attacks determined by a variable, and then making the player crack that sequence to consistently block each attack. You could also make the player combine ifs and whiles (for instance, if an enemy is using a grenade OR a high block, use a low attack). Or possibly and conditions if you changed the enemies' attacks even more. Alternatively, what if you used else statements? Defend if the enemy is attacking, OTHERWISE use an attack of your own.

This could have been really cool but just doesn't do it for me. There's a game similar to this... I think it was Madness: Premeditation which had a really cool take on it.

good game

I really like this game, its a tad frustrating, only needed help on the final boss, though its an extremely cool concept that I think is just awesome :)

The hint on the clown not having a gun was too much of a hint :)

Killing Tricky is fairly easy. All one would require is just a brain. Otherwise great game and good use of scripting logic