Reviews for "The Code Master"

glad i studied a bit of lua :D

Interesting way of showing things like while loops. Nice nod to madness...
Cool stuff.

I don't know how to beat the clown,but i still play the game for March to May -_-,first stuck with the first guy,but now stuck with the clown.And how the heck we know what the fuck is going to do the defend >_<.Seriosly i do love this game and i hate this game.See see the walkthrough but iit jjuust show a bllack screen!So.... I can't do this! This game is to damn hard! Piss Forever!
I think if i the code master i will kill the clown with a nuke.
And its a honr to play this game.

-Pissed John Sierra-

i have conquer every bad guy in this game.
I got all the medals. great job

im gonna say 1 thing use logic really easy if you shut down the rest of your brain.