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Reviews for "C.R.U.D.E Metal Pilot pt2"

What just happened?

I thought this was supposed to be a steampunk university... not adventure school. Damn it... this is why you don't put a crazy genius in a steampunk school.


Weird in a good way!


for the person below * RooRik* i love it when the world sees it self as perfict and that only americans make mistakes lol, ignorence MUST be bliss :)

anyhoo the show was nice :D movments need to get a tiny but more smoother, it was messing with my eyes x.x lol other then that i hope to see more!!! and i think you did great on the voices!

Like it!!!!

very interesting, will check the first one as soon as I can.

just a question...what with the robots at the end? is that related to the plot or was that like a trailer for another project of yours?

Chag responds:

Trailer for another project, more on that soon

Indeed sir

This will be truly splendid and thoroughly enjoyable series if you keep making new episodes for it.