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Reviews for "The Tale of Lambert"

WHy Madness?

Why did you have to use madness characters? Madness is synonymous with tough shoot-em-up movies, not these. But overall it was great.

Rapheus responds:

This takes place in my Madnessverse, the MadSeth universe. I just wanted to show yalls that these guys getting killed by the truckloads have lives and families. Kind of like that deleted scene from Austin Powers. :P

Damn. Typo in my last reVIEW I wrote15 minutes ago

I figured: "Why on earth not to review this one too, since it was the last one left I hadn't seen."

(Yeah, I said I had 2-3 left unwatched but noticed it was just this one left. Ah well.)

Music I have heard in Charlie Brown animation before. It was sad there; it was sad here. Poor Lambert. I guess this is what happens to most of the folks in world of Madness. However, I didn't feel "satisfied" finishing the animation, I think it lacked that special something. Just can't put my finger on it... perhaps getting to know the character better before his demise would have helped.

P.S: (Unrelated, kind of) I have been getting into creepypasta and whatnot lately and noticed that, the more innocent and happy the original version of character was, the more creepier is the creepypasta version.
To name a few:
Charlie Brown: mass murderer.
Pinkie Pie: Apparently demon-possessed serial killer with 4th wall breaking abilities etc.
Mickie Mouse: Commits suicide.

(Something that went along these lines)
I was reading these creepypasta things and noticed someone asking in comments:
"Why we must make innocent characters cry?"
Someone replied:
"I guess we all, deep inside, find enjoyment in it."
Makes you think...

Rapheus responds:

This was my goal with this ani. Every madness guy who gets offed probably has a wife or at least friends that look foreword to them coming home each night. Yeah, overly analytic, but heck, this is my world, I can tell the story of whomever I please. And Mad World was my first thought in the way of music.

There were other story boarded scenes, I think, but I watched it through and said 'meh, that's enough'. Must have lost my wind. :P Hey, there are plenty of other back stories I can get into...

Creepypasta? From the looks of it I may definitely want to check into it. Sounds awesome! I can see Charlie Brown as a mass-murderer, easy. Lucy would be the first to go.

Deep inside, we all enjoy a little madness. The consequences, however...

Thanks again for another awesome review! Keep on keepin on, mate!

This isn't that good, but it's still enjoyable. It's always nice to be able to listen to that awesome "Mad World" song. What I didn't understand was why you even decided to make this a Madness flash in the first place. It doesn't have much violence and doesn't seem to connect with the theme well. The only violence was him dying with the car. I guess it goes to show that Madness Combat can create any deriavitive material.

I do think this is a fairly good story that is being told. It's the kind of thing that most ordinary people can associate themselves with. Hopefully, we'll all be able to have some joy and success in our lives. Congradulations on getting such a high rating! It seems like every Madness flash is in the Top 50 now.

Rapheus responds:

That's pretty much what I was going for. Madness but not. This animation takes place in my MadSeth universe, where I try to shoehorn in a story, not just a massive kill count. I very much appreciate your review, though.

Sometimes we must go against the grain and do what isn't orthodox.

What was the moral of this story? Don't try to do better for yourself or your family or you'll get hit by a drunk driver?

It comes across on the whole as being almost completely pointless...or is that the point entirely, that sometimes pointless things happen?

Rapheus responds:

The moral:
"DonâEUTMt worry about the future; ... The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that
never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm
on some idle Tuesday. "

is too sad :( for me i think that does not deserve my 5 stars