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Reviews for "The Tale of Lambert"

nice job man

but i snifin now ;(
well good story, but it's sad

Rapheus responds:

See? 'Ol Rapheus ain't a one-trick pony. :D


its awsome but i frll said for him so 10/10

Rapheus responds:

Why do bad things happen to good people?

very sad but

in ME5 everyone trun to dust and Lambert too! (by the nuke)

now this is real REALY sad when everyone died...and him too AMAN



Rapheus responds:

Seeing as the graveyard is right behind Rick's Fortress, yeah, he kind of got killed then vaporized. So sad :(

im one of your multilingual fan
IM ARGENTINIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111 1111111111111111oneoneone
see: hola como estas rapheus sos uno de los mejores
im speaking in english becuz yo re a civilian from the USA right?
good animations

Rapheus responds:

Yes, I am a civilian from the US.
Great to know my fandom knows no boundaries!

that was so sad D:

Rapheus responds:

I hope you can chin up and move on in life.