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Reviews for "The Tale of Lambert"

well good history but i have some questions...

1:why i'm not good at flashs?
2:why i'm noising you?
3:why this history is so real
4:he will turn into a zombie?

Rapheus responds:

1) Practice, practice, practice, then practice some more!
2) You mean annoying me? You arent :D
3) Not sure I understand the question :/
4) Nope. Poor Lambert is dead and buried. :(

It's Krinkels design.

Why do people keep posting stuff that uses other people's design but they don't declare it as such? This makes a submission look like stolen content, intended or not. Guys, if I see stuff like that then I have no choice but to give a bad rating, even if the actual movie is kinda nicely done liek in this case...

Rapheus responds:

Uhhh... I credit Krinkels in the credits, champ. How is that not crediting the design?

WHy Madness?

Why did you have to use madness characters? Madness is synonymous with tough shoot-em-up movies, not these. But overall it was great.

Rapheus responds:

This takes place in my Madnessverse, the MadSeth universe. I just wanted to show yalls that these guys getting killed by the truckloads have lives and families. Kind of like that deleted scene from Austin Powers. :P