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Reviews for "The Tale of Lambert"

nice job man

but i snifin now ;(
well good story, but it's sad

Rapheus responds:

See? 'Ol Rapheus ain't a one-trick pony. :D

It's a sad day.

That is really really good. I was sad and stuff. One question.
Why did Lamberts baby not come to the burial? Did it die?

Rapheus responds:

Oh, Flizzternizzle. The baby was with her grandparents. After all, a graveyard is no place for a baby.

:) good

poor lambert , the story is a little sad

Rapheus responds:

Wait, it was supposed to be a comedy. Nah, but thanks! :)


Lol nice.

Rapheus responds:

'This animation was made possible by the eagle eyes of DarkFawful. And contributions by viewers like you.'

Friggen PBS...


is a sad story with the form of madness combat.
Moral: if you drink do not drive ... or just take a machine to resurrect people, if the protagonist dies LOL.

Rapheus responds:

Poor Lambert, his meteoric rise to the top is cut short by a drunken idiot.